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Project Mof (Uncensored): «We have Russian fans? Really?»

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One Age Rock had conversation with all participants of Project Mof about the musical culture in Serbia, dolls and balalaika in Russia, as well as the creative plans of the group - без цензуры!

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Интервью: Евгений Кольев

One Age Rock had conversation with all participants of Project Mof about the musical culture in Serbia, dolls and balalaika in Russia, as well as the creative plans of the group.
Группа Project Mof
Project Mof - Voltage
Project Mof - Lost Boyz

- Hello, guys! It’s very nice to meet you here, on One Age Rock Radio. How do you feel about this? By the way please introduce yourself.
Miljan: -Hey! Thank You for inviting us:) It's nice to see that someone 3000km away likes our music:)

So, we are Project Mof, drumcore band from Novi Sad, Serbia. Here's Adrian, on the drums, beats, and production generally, Alex, on guitar, Pavel on guitar and vocals, Nikola on bass guitar, and me.. I'm the guy behind the decks that is pressing ENTER..:)
- «Project Mof», what does it mean and who owns an idea to call band like this?
Adrian: It would be me.. When we started this band, it was only Alex and me, and we agreed to call ourselves Project M.o.H. which would stand for Melody of Hope, but when I was making our myspace profile I accidentally wrote mof into url, and i couldn't change it anymore..

Alex: And he didn't even notice that, he made profile with music, photos, everything, and sent me a link, and I saw it.. And when I called him he was like, ok, we will just leave it this way, so we changed the name of the band into Project Mof...
- Please, tell us about your last release «Breathtaking Material». This is your first long play record, am I right? How long you were going to this and what do you think about the result? (as for me, it was a great job, keep up this way;)
Alex: Yes, it is our first LP record, we had few promo or demo EP earlier, but this is our first serious release. We have been working on it for about two years, and we made about 30 songs, but we didn't want to let anything out until we were sure that we have album that we like from first to last song.

Adrian: And the other question is quite a hard one..The thing that we don't like is that we finished album in February, and released it in July, 5 months later. At that point it was our maximum, the best we could, but in that period we improved as band, as musicians, I learned a lot more about production and mastering, so at the moment it went out, we had sort of feeling that we could have done it better, and finding some things that we would maybe like to change, and stuff like that, but I guess that every artist has that feeling...
- How formed Project Mof? What inspires you and what is going on the Serbian scene generally?
Adrian: Everything started in 2008, I was playing drums in local punk rock band, and I wanted to start a side project where I could experiment with electronic music..First idea was to find a DJ who will do his sets with me on live drums, but very soon I gave up on it, and called Alex to join. He accepted and we started a band.

Nikola: About the scene.. The scene is really weak, there are few bands that exist for like 20-30 or more years, and everything else is just underground..There are few good artists or bands, but there are really just a few of them. Problem is in media, promoters, clubs, who show zero support for new artists, so we are all on ourselves. And because of that people don't take their bands seriously...Positive exception is hardcore scene in Novi Sad, there are people who are really trying hard to make difference, bands are sticking together, supporting each other, bringing bands from outside Serbia, making gigs.
- We're talking about Serbia and what do you think about Russia?
Miljan: Russia? We all know that it is a huge country, that still looks like it’s 1945, with red stars, and tanks all across the streets, that are always covered with snow, and with people who are always waay to drunk and wear black suits and glasses… Ask Pavel he lived there:P

Pavel: My thoughts on Russia... whew, big question. I guess I can't state my views on the entire country as it's just huge, but from what I experienced growing up there I loved it. I grew up in a small fishing town called Astrakhan (also know for Gazprom :P) so I really don't know what it's like in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but the people in Russia totally rock. I had so many crazy experiences there that I will never forget and I'm definitely itching to do a tour in Russia as soon as we can.­
- Do you know some Russian bands? What do you think about Russian musical scene at all?
Miljan: -Well, I think I’m speaking for all non-Pavel members of the band when I’m saying that we only know for t.A.T.u. … And we actually like them, not much the other stuff, but 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane is really good album…

Pavel: Seeing as I lived in Russia for about 8 years growing up I was definitely exposed to alot of Russian music, although I would have to say it was mostly "pop" music and not much underground stuff. I specifically remember listening to "Децл" and "Руки Вверх!" and of course the undying radio hit single "Девушки бывают разные". Although I'm not so in tune with the current scene there, I know a couple metalcore/hardcore bands that I like quite a bit including "My Autumn" and "Apostate"(although based in the Czech Republic, the Apostate members are all 100% Russian).
- I was surprised when once Miljan tell me, that he particularly doesn’t like Enter Shikari (except two last singles) and I was sure that this is one of the group that inspired your band (I learned later that it was Blink 182, that pleasantly surprised me too;) What music are you listening to?
Miljan: Yeah, it is true for Enter Shikari, we never listened to them, but then Adrian found “Quelle Suprise”, and few days later I heard “Take It Back” with The Quemists , and then we herd “SSnakepit” so we’re actually looking forward to their new album.. About the Blink-182..They weren’t actually inspiration for Project Mof, but more for ourselves, they were one of the main reasons why we took instruments in our hands. Second part of the question. Did you mean bands that we are listening to, or bands that were influence for our music? We are listening to a lots of music, and a lots of different stuff, and we actually don’t have same taste in music. Of course there are many artists that we all like, such as Sum 41, Linkin Park, Eminem, 30 Seconds To Mars, Papa Roach, Rise Against, Limp Bizkit…but also there are some differences, Adrian listens a lots of hiphop and electronic music, Pavel is more metalcore fan, Nikola is a really big fan of hardcore, both old school and new school, Alex mostly listens to drum&bass or dubstep, but he also like alternative rock bands like Coldplay or Snow Patrol, and me, I’m mainly into Californian punk rock… If you wanted to know our influences and artists that inspired us for Project Mof, OK, yeah, I would be fair to mention The Prodigy and Pendulum, but really less than people would expect..We actually started to listening those guys when were halfway trough our album, so we didn’t really had them in mind when we were starting making music. There are some band that had far more influences on us, such as Angels & Airwaves, 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Noisia, and you will probably be surprised by some of them, but I have to mention artists like Sum 41, Glitch Mob, Limp Bizkit, Story Of The Year, or Saosin. Bottom line, we really listen to lots of music, and we had a lot of artists that influenced us, but we were always trying to build our own style, and do our own thing, and not to copy anyone…We hope we managed to do that…
- Question specifically for one of my friends (hi, bee;). How do you feel about indie music?:)
Miljan: We would rather not answer to this question. Specifically for one of your friends (hi, bee;).
- How often do you perform on stage? What do you feel during this?
Alex: Well, I wouldn't say we play a lot, but we are trying to play as much as we can. Problem is mainly in clubs in Serbia who are uninterested for new bands, so I know this it's ironic, but we played a lot more outside the Serbia then here. We played few festivals in Bosnia, Croatia, Austria, we also had Croatian tour where we played in clubs..And, here in Serbia we played few shows in our hometown, we played once in Belgrade, and two or three festivals..It is funny, but we're far more known in Croatia that in Serbia.
- I know that you have participated in several major festivals. Tell us something about this, please.
Nikola: It’s definitely different type of experience than club gigs. In club you are on familiar ground, no matter in what country or city you are, because people who got there are people who listen to your music, and came there to hear you. In festivals you have crowd that don’t know you or your music, so you have that kind of pressure that you have to make them like you..But also that gives you new kind of challenge and some kind of adrenaline injection, and new energy, and if you get the crowd going, it’s feels amazing.

Alex: Yeah..We played a festival In Banja Luka, in Bosnia, and we were playing in front of more than 7.000 people who were crazy, they were screaming, jumping, it was really great..

Adrian: At the end of the show I dropped drumsticks into crowd, and we saw one hitting some guy in the head Now that guy is one of our designers.

Miljan: On the other hand, we were performing DJ set at Beatpatrol festival in Austria, and it was really weird.. We got quite early slot so there was like 100-200 people, and the stage and the tent was huge… I mean I was alone on the stage and looking down at the crowd, and they were great they were dancing, jumping, but the feel was just weird..Don’t get me wrong, having 100 people in crowd, in another country where we never played before is great thing, but seeing them in place that is made for few thousands just scares you, and it gives you fake impression of playing in an empty place…

Nikola: Another great thing on festivals is that you can make contacts with many people, with another artists, promoters, fans… I mean we are now friends with some artists that we met at festivals, like bands Ignor or Tix from Zagreb, Croatia, or Kill Me Laser fom Belgrade, As I Fall from Banja Luka, and many other, I’m sure I’ve forgot someone…

Adrian: Also what is good at festivals is stage equipment, technicians, organization, everything.. I have to mention Hartera Festval in Rijeka where the people were great, from the staff, stage managers to organizers, everything was just amazing..
- Your first gig. How was it?)
Alex: It was a disaster… We got called to play at some festival, and we had about 2 weeks to prepare ourselves for that. And before that we were more like studio project than real band, we didn’t play live and didn’t have an idea how to do that..So let’s start from beginning, it was only 3 of us in band at the time, Adrian, Miljan and I, and we were told that we wouldn’t have drum on stage, so Adrian was behind the decks, and Miljan was playing the bass. So.. we were out of material, so we played one song twice, I was tuning on stage cuz I hit DJ desk with my guitar so I've completely detuned it, Miljan was just recovered from his knee injury, so he was just standing in one place, but despite that he somehow managed to get plugged out twice, and even on one song he didn’t have bass line, so he was walking around with camera, and pictured people…Like I said, disaster...

Adrian: We even got a video of it, but we burned it.
- What do you think about free track downloading?
Miljan: It's kinda a two way street. I can be great because you give your music to people for free, so they are free to download and share it, so it can reach lot of people, many of them who would never buy a CD, or download it from iTunes or some other source.. On the other hand it's hard to reach people and show them that you exist, and show them your music. That is advantage of record labels and their managements and PRs.. Lately there is a new kind of releasing music which is kinda interesting, and that's is "sponsored free download", where band releases their music for free download trough their sponsors websites..It is mainly done with clothing companies, radio or TV stations, magazines...I think we will see more of that in the future...
- Working on anything new? When can we expect new Project Mof tracks?
Adrian: We are always working on something new..It's our system, we never stopped making music, and especially now when Pavel joined us we all got some new energy, and we all wanna see how will things work from now on..We actually can't wait to see him in action on stage, and in studio.. We don't have any new recordings at this point, it is all on ideas for now, but we promise you will know everything on time:)
- Pavel recently joined your band. How do you feel about this, Pavel?
Pavel: It’s definitely new ground for me as it’s the first time I’m doing vocals as my primary position (I’ve been a guitarist and backup vocalist in a few bands before). Mix that with the fact that I don’t know much about electronica in general and it gets to be quite the challenge, but the other guys in the band are great and that’s made it easy to fit in right away. I’m looking forward to performing and writing new material with the band in the near future.
- When can we expect Project Mof in Russia? In Saint-Petersburg, for example? ;)
Miljan: We have no idea, we didn’t have that kind of contacts from anyone from Russia, so I can’t tell.. We generally love to travel, and Russia seems like pretty interesting country so we would like to play there (I know Pavel would)

Nikola: So, if you guys know any promoters make them get us there and you will get free tickets, and free blowjobs..if you are men, maybe free sex, too...
- And the last for today. What your next creative plans, what can you wish to our listeners and all of your Russian fans?
Adrian: We have Russian fans? Really? Where are they? We want to come and show them our vaginas!
- It was really nice to talk with you guys. Good luck to you and thanks for your Music! Stay Rock!

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